Rick Recht Band Sticker


Rick Recht Band Sticker


Purple sticker with “little man” logo.

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Purple sticker with “little man” logo.


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Halleluyah // Halleluyah
  1. Halleluyah // Halleluyah
  2. It Must Have Been You // Halleluyah
  3. Summer Of Our Lives // Halleluyah
  4. Meolam // Halleluyah
  5. Tal’s Song // Halleluyah
  6. Something // Halleluyah
  7. Da Lifnei // Halleluyah
  8. Kehilah Kedoshah // Halleluyah
  9. If You’re Jewish And You Know It // Halleluyah
  10. Halleluyah (Hebrew Version) // Halleluyah